This FUN and challenging program has been designed to help you reach your flexibility potential while building full-body STRENGTH, STABILITY & BALANCE! With intermediate to advanced progressions to suit your needs, we know you’ll have the tools to work at a pace that suits your body and it’s current ability. We want you to achieve the RESULTS you have been dreaming of, so we are here to SUPPORT you, every step of the way via our private Facebook COMMUNITY! Need more inspiration? SCROLL DOWN to see our clients NEEDLE SCALE results! 




This progressive program will help you learn the fundamental movements and concepts we believe you need to take your Needle Scale training to the next level!

Level: Intermediate – Advanced
*Needle Scale is an advanced skill  – We suggest that you have minimum 2 years movement experience and can easily reach your arms over head into full shoulder flexion plus are able to stack your shoulders over your wrists in a backbend.

Weekly time commitment:
2 x 60 – 75 minute training sessions per week

Program Length:
2 – 4 Months of Dedicated training
All of our programs are designed as education tools for you to understand your body through movement at an even deeper level. As all bodies are different, time taken to achieve desired results may vary. Be kind to yourself, trust your body and the Flexersize process. YOU’VE GOT THIS!


“I love how tuned in I am with my body when I’m stretching with Flexersize, it feels like my own journey rather than a race to catch up with my friends” 


“ I can not believe that this is me!!! I’m crying tears of JOY! Honestly, I thought it would take me a year or two to get to this peak point. Who knew it would take me only 1 MONTH! Thank you Flexersize for always pushing me further and making me see what my body is truly capable of.” 


“Oh My God I was really not expecting this after finishing our 4 week Needle Scale course. Thank you so much Flexersize for sharing your expertise, passion and LUV for your clients. Most of all, thank you for believing in meeeeee. Needless to say I’m proud of this ripper of a Needle scale” 


“SOOO today was an AMAZING DAY!!! I grabbed my foot in a Needle scale and to say I’m over the moon would be an understatement! Thank you so much Flexersize for your magic every week, this has been a dream of mine since I was 13 seeing a friend at ballet do it. Ahh I’m just so happy, still on cloud 9” 


“If you asked me 3 years ago to work on a Needle Scale, I would have laughed and told you I was not flexible enough. When Melbourne went into their 2nd lockdown, I decided to make Needles my next flexibility goal and here I am today!! Thanks, Flexerize for believing in my body more than have ever believed in it myself. Every time you tell me ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ it stops me from telling myself ‘I’m not flexible enough for this’ and I can not thank you enough for this” 


“Needles was not a skill I thought was possible for me but after guidance from Flexersize I slowly started to see so much progress. Now I’m feeling more and more confident in trusting my body and what it’s capable of” 



  • 2 x Yoga boxes
  • 1 x Foam roller
  • 1 x Yoga loop or Strap (optional)
  • Access to a wall
  • Access to a chair
  • Theraband











Program Tutorials: Lifetime access to your entire program which includes 4 x 60 – 80 minute educational tutorials.
These tutorials will be drip-fed to you weekly from the day you sign up until you have all 4 videos.
Support: Once you are signed up to our program, you’ll have access to us every step of the way via our online private Facebook community where you can ask questions, share wins (big and small) and be inspired by other Flexersizers all over the world.



If I sign up today, do I have to start the program now? Or can I start when ever I am ready?

We understand life can get busy so we have set the program out so you can start when ever you are ready. Once you sign up, the program will be drip fed to you (as each program is structured differently, please see each specific page for clear info on the program length/layout) Once you have received all of the content of your chosen program, it is yours to keep and use forever so there is no rush to get started or finished.

Are your programs suitable for kids?

Our current programs are recommended for members 16 years and above. 

As our programs are focussed on deeply educating our members on their bodies we spend a lot of time explaining how and why everything works so that they can become much more aware movers. Depending on how your child (16 years and over) learns, this may or may not be an appropriate tool for them.


I’m a complete beginner and not very flexible, which program would you recommend to me?

All of our programs are super educational, which means we spend lots of time explaining to you how to approach each movement in as much detail as possible. Depending on what your flexibility goals are, you can check out any of the following programs which are all aimed at complete beginner - Intermediate level movers. We have plenty of regressions and progressions to suit your needs in each program which means as you become more flexible and stronger you will be able to level up your training as required.

I already have my front splits TOUCHDOWN but it’s not very square what program do you recommend out of the beginner and advanced front splits programs?

We advise all of our member to really solidify their true square splits before moving on to the advanced program. The reason for this is that when we move into deeper range of motion in the advanced splits program, if there are compensation patterns there may be risk of overuse/ underuse of areas and increase your risk of injury. We love the mantra - ‘Feed your inner beginner’ if you feel like there are missing foundations in your splits training then the beginner option will be a great way to go back to basics for a stronger body in the future

I recently injured my hamstrings, is it ok for me to join one of the splits programs?

This is a pretty broad question as there are a number of different hamstring injuries that may require a rest from stretching. A very common hamstring issue that can be irritated by stretching is Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy. Our advice is to seek appropriate direction from an alien health professional who should take you through a full rehabilitation program and give you the all clear to begin stretching again. If you’d like more detailed explanation of why we advise full recovery before moving into more advance splits stretching, please read this blog by our good friend Simone, AKA: The Pole Physio 

Injury Spotlight - Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy

If you have been given the all clear to begin your stretching training again, our programs will be an amazing tool for you with a huge focus on building full body strength to balance out any weaknesses and miss alignment which will help you continue to take the load off the hamstrings and stretch much more safely, to keep you injury free going forwards.

My hamstrings are really tight, which program do you recommend?

All of our programs are designed to help you build more balance and freedom in your entire body. This is because the body is one whole unit, when one area is tight, it’s very likely that there are weaknesses and imbalance in other areas of the body too. The hamstrings sadly, tend to be the scape goat for these areas but as mentioned aren’t always to blame. 

We suggest if you have very tight hamstrings to check out any of the following programs as all have beginner regressions to suit your needs and will really help you start to build mobility, strength, stability and flexibility throughout to take the load off your hamstrings once and for all. 

Beginner Front Splits Middle Splits Back Bending For All Intro to Active Flexibility

My Hip flexors are really tight, what program will be the most useful to me?

We recommend our Back Bending For all and Beginner Front splits programs for tight hip flexors. Both have a big emphasis on hip extension and gluteus’Hamstrings engagement which will take the load our of your hips and lower back. WIN! Click below to check them out 

Beginner Front Splits Back Bending For All 

For more info on why your hip flexors might be tight, check out our insightful blog around the connection between the Jaw and the Hips and try out a follow along video which may just help your hips relax over time. 

BLOG POST: Why Clenching Your Jaw Might Be Locking Up Your Hips?



There are a number of places you can find Theraband. If you ask your Physio or any Allied health professional they generally how it as a resource and many have option to buy a single band. 

If you’d prefer to purchase Theraband online, check out the following links to place your order. *Please note: when choosing your band strength, we advise that you start light and build up slowly over time. 

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-THERABAND-Exercise-Resistance-Band-Fitness- Physio-Yoga-Thera-band-1-5m/282691024204?hash=item41d1b2b54c:g:3RMAAOSwI~Bbmgrl 



Please read below for all info about Theraband as shown by www.pharmacyonline.com.au and use responsibly. 

Ingredients/Material Natural rubber latex. 

Directions For Use 

  • Use the band prescribed by your physician or therapist for the prescribed sets and repetitions. Rest between sets. 
  • For beginners, perform the exercises without the band until you are comfortable, then add resistance. Begin with 8 to 10 exercises that target major muscle groups. 
  • Exercise with the color band that was prescribed for you, or with a color that allows you to complete 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions with mild fatigue on the last set. 
  • Progress to the next color band when you are able to easily complete the 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. 
  • Caring for Your Resistance Band 
  • Always examine the resistance band before use for small nicks, tears, or punctures that may cause the band to break. If you find any flaws, discard the product and replace before performing any exercises. 
  • Store all resistance bands out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures. 
  • After use in chlorinated water, rinse the bands or tubing with tap water and dry flat. 
  • If the bands or tubing becomes sticky, clean with mild soap and water, dry flat, and then dust with talcum powder. 
  • Warnings and Disclaimers 
  • Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program 
  • Can cause serious injury when not used properly 
  • Avoid exercises that involve stretching the Thera-Band resistance bands in such a fashion that they may snap toward the head and cause injury to the head or eyes. If these types of exercises are prescribed, protective eyeware should be worn. 
  • Thera-Band resistance bands are not toys; consult a physician before allowing children to exercise. 
  • If you experience sharp pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or lightheadedness with any of these exercises, stop immediately and contact your healthcare provider. 
  • As with any exercise program, muscle soreness may be experienced over the first few days. If your pain should persist for more than 3 or 4 days, consult your physician or therapist. Do not exercise while experiencing pain. 
  • Be sure the resistance band is securely anchored to a sturdy object or attachment before using. 
  • Do not overstretch the resistance band by more than 3 times its resting length. Example: a 12” (30 cm) band should not be stretched to more than 36” (90 cm) total length. 
  • Protect the Thera-Band resistance band by keeping it away from sharp objects. Remove rings from the fingers before using the resistance bands or tubing. Be aware of long, sharp fingernails.

If you’re looking for a cheap easy option you can head to your local KMART which generally sells them for apps &5.5 AUD per piece. 


Otherwise most sports stores, fitness apparel stores like Lulu Lemon and Lorna Jane generally stock yoga boxes as well. 

America: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Calm-Yoga-Blocks-Set-of-2/55111267


To learn how to cut and or tie your Theraband, please follow the link below for an instructional video.


Can't access the above video?? Make sure you're signed in to your account, or are signed up to view our Free Resources HERE!



Flexersize Fridays  is a live Flexerszie class that is done via Zoom.  For more information about Flexersize Fridays current schedule click this link. https://flexersize.com.au/flexersize-fridays




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I can’t login to my account, can you help me?

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Where do I access my programs?

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