Welcome to the Advance Your Front Splits Program.


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Warm Ups (31 mins)

Using a combination of dynamic, stability, strength and stretching techniques we will take you through four full body warm up sequences to ensure your body is warm enough and ready for any training session to follow. This video is packed full of concepts and movement cues that will be invaluable to your movement training going forward. After working through each of the sequences, you should feel much more open with even more freedom of movement than before. Going forward, the sequences from this video will be used as your warm-ups before any dedicated Flexersize ‘Advance Your Front Splits’ training sessions over the next 8 weeks and beyond.



Active Flexibility (28 mins) In today’s video, we teach you the Strength and Active Flexibility component of your program which will help you to increase control via your full range of motion relevant to your front splits. The drills in this section of the program are a little more challenging and of course whole lot of FUN!! When approaching your Flexersize training please be true to your body and it’s needs, if you feel you need to pull back by reducing the band strength or even putting more resistance aside and just performing body weight movement, then please do that. Of course, if you need further guidance on any of the movement, feel free to reach out via our private online facebook community – FLEXERSZIE -ONLINE.



Held Stretches & Splits Drills (32 mins)
 In the third and final video of your program, we teach you some more advanced splits drills, held stretches and over splits. We aim to teach you the most effective ways to do these and share ideas on how to best approach each movement and help you achieve your desired results. At the end of the video, we advise you on how to best approach you training over the next 8 weeks, as well as give you more insight on why we have structured your program in this way. Attached to the email you received today with access to this video, there is a PDF document that clearly outlines the progressional system we ask you to follow over the weeks and months ahead. Of course we always ask you to listen to your body and modify as needed to ensure you are allowing your body to adapt slowly and safely over time. If you need some extra help and guidance around any of the movement throughout this program, please reach out to us via our Online Facebook Community. Where we will be happy to answer any questions you have and celebrate your wins along the way. We are so excited you have chosen to ‘Advance Your Front Splits’ training with us and cant wait to share your journey with you!!