Welcome Flexersizer 

Weekly Splits Lives

Click the date below to access your live zoom class – Please arrive 5 minutes early as I’ll be starting each session right on time.

Week 1

8am AEDT Saturday 3rd February

Week 2

8am AEDT Saturday 10th February

Week 3 

8am AEDT Saturday 17th February

Week 4

8am AEDT Saturday 24th February

Week 5

8am AEDT Saturday 2nd March

Week 6

8am AEDT Saturday 9th March

Week 7

8am AEDT Saturday 16th March

Week 8

8am AEDT Saturday 23rd March

Week 9

8am AEDT Saturday 30th March

Week 10

8am AEDT Saturday  6th April

Week 11

8am AEDT Saturday 13th April

Week 12

8am AEDT Saturday 20th April

Monthly ‘Goal Getting’ Lives

Click the date below to join live – Please arrive 5 minutes early as I’ll be starting each session right on time.


8am AEDT Sunday 4th Feb


8am AEDT Sunday 3rd March


8am AEDT Sunday 7th April

 Self assessments & Ask Eley

Click below to

1. Submitt your weekly self assesment by Fridays at 6pm AEDT

2. ‘Ask Eley’ by 1pm AEDT on Tuesdays

Taking weekly Progress Pics

Take photos along the way!

Progress pics are an absolute must over the next 12 weeks!

I know it can be hard to take pictures when you’re still working on those dream Split lines… But I promise you’ll regreat not doing it when you hit your Touchdown.


1. Take photos Directly side on or from a slight front/diagonal form your front leg.

2. Take photos of an Open Line. Your front leg should be the furthest leg from the camera so we get a clear view of your hip alignment

3. Try to take your photos with the full shape from toes to toes & above your head in the frame.

4. Create a ‘Stuck to Splits Mentorship’ album on your phone and record/take photos of EVERYTHING while you’re training.

FYI… These are just some of the amazing Flexersizers who did this within 5 – 11 weeks 🙂 

Watch The Mentorship Replays

All replays will be uploaded within 6 hours of the schedules live session. 

 Weekly Splits Replays 

 Monthly Goal Mapping Replays 

Click HERE to watch Beginner Splits Program

Click HERE to Watch the Challenge & Vip Replays

Mentorship  Perks!

Don’t forget the amazing perks that come with your Mentorship

Weekly Coaching & Feedback Via ‘ASK ELEY’

I’m giving you a space to upload photos/short videos of you doing any drills/stretches that you have quesitons about or would like feedback on.


All ASK ELEY forms must be submitted by Tuesdays at 1pm AEDT to ensure you get your feedback before the following Saturdays class.

Stay accountable with weekly Self assessments

Every week I Want you to submit your weekly ‘self assesment’ including that weeks splits photos on both legs.


ALL SELF ASSESSMENTS Must be submitted by Fridays at 6pm AEDT every week

Lifelong access to the 
Beginner Fornt Splits program

As an added learning tool , I wanted to give you access to the beginner front splits program!

Use this as a learning tool for even more information to drag and drop into your training over the next 90 days & beyond. 

Use coupon:  S2SMENTORSHIP24

at the bottom of the sign up page.

PLUS: 1 x FREE Flexibiltiy Program

Of Your Choice!

At the completion of the Mentorship, I know you’ll want to continue unlocking your flexibility. 

so I’m giving you 100% FREE access to another Flexersize Program of your choice! 

Look out for your  FREE COUPON

In your email inbox on April 27th.


Private Facebook Community & Ongoing Support

Don’t forget to join the Private S2S Mentorhsip Community!

Share your latest progress, ask questions, and connect with Flexersizers all over the globe!

We can’t wait to cheer you on, and help you along every step of the way!