This progressive program will help you learn the fundamental movements and concepts we believe you need to take your Needle Scale training to the next level!
Level: Intermediate – Advanced
*Needle Scale is an advanced skill  – We suggest that you have minimum 2 years movement experience and can easily reach your arms over head into full shoulder flexion plus are able to stack your shoulders over your wrists in a backbend.
Weekly time commitment: 2 x 60 – 75 minute training sessions per week
Program Length: 2 – 4 Months of Dedicated training
  • All of our programs are designed as educational tools for you to understand your body through movement at an even deeper level. As all bodies are different, time taken to achieve desired results may vary. Be kind to yourself, trust your body and the Flexersize process. YOU’VE GOT THIS!
  • 2 x Yoga boxes
  • 1 x Foam roller
  • 1 x Yoga loop or Strap (optional)
  • Access to a wall
  • Access to a chair