Welcome to your Middle Splits Program.


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DRILLS (48mins)

During Week 1 we take you through the first and longest section of your warm-up where we move in all planes of motion to have the body primed for further strength and mobility drills to follow. Being week 1, we aim to cover all basic movement principals that will be relevant to your FLEXERSIZE training all the way through the program so please be sure to pay attention to all alignment and technical cues throughout each of these more basic movements. After your strength and mobility drills are complete we take you through some held stretches for the week and then send you off to practice all of the above until you receive your next video in a weeks time.

As the body needs time to adapt and progress we strongly advise that you perform all movement in week 1 at least 3 times over the first week to be ready for more advanced progressions in week 2 and beyond.



After a few training sessions this week, you should have a great understanding of the basic versions of each of the movements we gave you in week 1. In this tutorial we teach you another piece of your warm up and place it on the end of last weeks content to create a longer version to warm you up even more for the movements to follow. We progress your strength and stability work as well as teach you some new versions of your held stretches. If you’re someone who would like to spend more time on last weeks versions be sure to listen to your body and only progress when you feel ready and safe to do so. At the end of the video we send you off with homework to once again be executed a total of 3 seperate times before moving onto the following video.



By the end of this video we will be half way through your program. We will once again add onto your warm up routine and teach you more progressions for each of your strength, mobility and held stretch drills. By this time in the program you should be noticing an increase in strength and mobility around your entire body and more specifically your hips.

We of course give you new homework to practice before meeting us again the following week for some more advanced options for your program content.



Congratulations you’ve been working hard for the last 3 weeks and this week we significantly progress your training where we give you some more difficult versions of your movements and once again add onto your amazing and thorough warm up routine. Remember every single body adapts at a different rate so always listen to what your body needs from you and keep in mind, there are plenty of more regressed versions of each of the movements from the previous weeks that you can feel free to stick to until you are ready to progress safely.



This week we teach you the 5th and final piece of your warm up routine which we are absolutely in love with. This warm up will be so valuable to you for all of your training as it will prime your body for any further training whether it be this program or any other strength, sport, or movement training you wish to partake in. Being so dynamic we advise you use this warm up prior to your session and finish of your sessions with some held stretches if you wish. Of course we once again progress your 10 movements with more advanced versions and attempt slide through.




You’ve made it to week 6 and our final week of new content. Today we run through our full warm up that we finished teaching you last week then it’s straight into our final strength, stability and held stretch progressions. Throughout the program we have given you the tools, drills and over 60 movement variations that we believe will have you well on your way to strengthening and lengthening everything needed to help you achieve your best Middle splits yet!

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