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Flexersize online training

Flexersize Online is a training method for movers, athletes, pole dancers, aerial artist and dancers. Also those who want to gain more understanding about their bodies through movement.

We aim to educate our members and clients on how to effectively reach skills. Skills like front splits, middle splits backbends and other dancing related drills. Of course in the safest and most effective way.


With the main focus on building proper techniques, we train our members with a thorough emphasis on the mind to muscle connection. Using a proven combination of strength, mobility and flexibility exercise. As well as Flexersize trains you to allow the body to move more freely into its potential range with ease.

We have 4 structured programs that help members to progress their training. It is a good guided and structured approach. As we know the body adapts over time. It needs to be constantly stretched and tested as it adapts. So we have carefully designed our programs to have beginner – advanced progressions to suit each person’s needs as they progress over time.


Flexersize Online programs are proven to assist clients to reach much more depth in their splits lines. Also more extension through their bridges/back-bends as well as building more active flexibility throughout the entire body. This aids members to reach more extreme lines like standing splits, unassisted standing splits, active middle splits, straddles inverts and much more.

Our pole dancing and Aerial members have found our programs very useful in growing their understanding of the movements of the shoulders and scapula. With the assistance of Flexersize programs they have found much more range of motion (R.O.M). This is seen through their upper backs (thoracic) shoulders, hips and hamstrings. As well as much more strength and stability throughout their hips, ankles, and shoulders. 


Much like pilates, we teach with a strong focus on core work. We always teach full-body movements with lots of focus on the position of the pelvis and rib cage and we help our members to really understand how to move from the comfort of their own home.

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Back bending flexible

get flexible by doing the felxersize programs online

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