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Welcome to VIP

So proud of you for going all in on this challenge and joining the VIP experience! ​This is your challenge hub where you’ll have access to the challenge & VIP Lives plus watch the recordings.

COMMUNITY: Go and Join the Flexy Fam community in our private S2S facebook group.
Get into Splits momentum together & connect with others going in the same direction as you!

This is especially important for you because one of your perks for joining VIP is the option to
request some feedback on your splits form by posting a picture or video of your splits inside the community.
Make the most of this opportunity as it goes away after the challenge closes on January 28th at 11:59pm.

LIVES: Scroll below each video for links into the challenge LIVES & check your email for your passcode to enter.
Be 5 Mins early to the challenge with your Workbooks printed!

REPLAYS: Replay will be uploaded within 6 hours of the Live session completion – As VIP’s you’ll have 12 months access to the challenge and VIP replays until they come down on January 28th 2025.

If you haven’t already, download & PRINT THE CHALLENGE WORKBOOK – you can find the downloadable PDF in your challenge emails.

Monthly ‘Goal Getting’ Lives

Click the date below to join live – Please arrive 5 minutes early as I’ll be starting each session right on time.

Taking weekly Progress Pics

Take photos along the way!

Progress pics are an absolute must over the course of your Splits journey!

I know it can be hard to take pictures when you’re still working on those dream Split lines… But I promise you’ll regreat not doing it when you hit your Touchdown.


1. Take photos Directly side on or from a slight front/diagonal form your front leg.

2. Take photos of an Open Line. Your front leg should be the furthest leg from the camera so we get a clear view of your hip alignment

3. Try to take your photos with the full shape from toes to toes & above your head in the frame.

4. Create a ‘Stuck to Splits Challenge’ album on your phone and record/take photos of EVERYTHING while you’re training.

FYI… These are just some of the amazing Flexersizers who did this within 5 – 11 weeks 🙂 

Watch The Challenge Replays

All replays will be uploaded within 6 hours of the schedules live session. 

 S2S Challenge Replays 


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