Active Flexibility is an incredible way to build full-body strength. Throughout this educational program, we will help you begin to bridge the gap between your passive and active ranges of motion. If you’re a dancer, aerialist or athlete who needs to be able to actively use their mobility to achieve more advanced skills then this program of training will be an invaluable tool for you.
Over the 3 day program we will be teaching you dynamic full-body warm ups, strength and conditioning drills to strengthen your entire body with the main focus on all the motions of the hip, full-body stability, standing split drills and loads of core work to help you build strong foundations for your craft.
When you sign up, you will receive Day 1 of your program where we will teach you Hip flexion, rotation and core exercises that will help you lengthen the Hamstrings by strengthening the hip flexors and quadriceps. 2 days later you’ll be granted access to Day 2 of your program, with a heavy focus on Hip extension, more rotation, adduction and Abduction exercises which will help you lengthen the Hips by actively strengthening the Hamstrings, gluteus and adductors. Then to finish off your program, you’ll receive ‘Day 3’, which is the final day of your program. On this day, we will be working through loads of standing stability work and standing active flexibility drills that will start moving you towards some standing split lines.

Level: Beginner-Advanced
Minimum 1 year of movement experience advised.

What you’ll receive:
3-day program – Yours to start whenever you are ready and keep forever.
Detailed movement tutorials.
Innovative drills to increase strength through your range.
Beginner – Advanced demonstrations.
ongoing support and access to our private online facebook group.
What you’ll need:
Access to a wall
Access to a chair or Couch
2 x Yoga boxes
A theraband